What is Bitcoin? How do I get Bitcoin to pay you? I don’t even know what it is.

Bitcoin is digital cash. If you care to know how it works there are plenty of educational resources on the Internet. Bitcoin is a great quick way for us to receive your payment. You need to convert your cash into Bitcoin to be able to send us money. Apparently, depending on where you live, there are very easy ways to get these digital coins

If you Try
are in the US
are in Australia
are in Europe
are in the UK
want to meet in person and buy Bitcoin

We have been told that buying bitcoin is as exciting as buying a new pair of Persian Shoes!

Why don’t you accept other forms of payment?

The short answer is we’d love to but we can’t!

Our business is making and selling leather products. We like to sell our products across the world and the more customers the better. The problem is we operate in Iran and most payment systems either are not willing to serve us at all or impose a huge risk on our business. Before launching this website, our international sale has been limited to a few dedicated customers who knew about the quality of our products and were prepared to go through a lot of trouble to pay us! This of course, may sound incomprehensible for people who have all sorts of electronic payments at their disposal. However, before finding out about Bitcoin, receiving our money was the number one obstacle in expanding our business.

Now, with Bitcoin and the help of Bitcoin community we are hoping to become a role model for other small businesses in Iran to find global customers.

These videos should give you a better idea if you are interested: